Olympic Model Workers: The best Chinese blogs

Olympic Model Workers: The best Chinese blogs


Every year or so, Danwei chooses the best blogs about China in Chinese and English to be Model Workers. The winners are chosen by Danwei's Central Committee; no voting or democracy of any kind is involved.

The focus tends to be on media and other subjects covered by Danwei, so there are few purely personal blogs. This year, we publish the Olympic edition of our Model Workers list.

You can see previous Model Workers: 2007 English, 2007 Chinese, 2005.

Congratulations to all Model Workers and keep the good stuff coming.

== Roundups of hot topics ==

These sites have their fingers on the pulse of the net, which they summarize in daily or weekly posts:

Tianya Weekly
A roundup of the week's activity at Tianya, a major discussion forum.

== Individual Commentary ==

The World According to Zeng Ying 曾颖眼中的世界
Like other journalist-bloggers, Zeng Ying posts interesting media-related anecdotes, but the bread and butter of this blog is its fiction, which ranges from fables to longer serializations, to regular stories about people living on the margins of society. A particularly interesting series tells the story of migrant workers who move in to an unfinished office tower. [posts]

Xu Jinglei (徐静蕾) is an actress, director, blogger, and media entrepreneur whose blog is rated the most popular in the world (by certain measurements). She generally writes about day to day life and is very popular with young women with a Hello Kitty aesthetic. But her position in Beijing's media world makes her someone to watch. Danwei recently covered Xu's travels in South Africa. [posts]

Hong Hung, aka Hung Huang (洪晃) is the column-writing CEO of CIMG, a media company that publishes Time Out, amongst other magazines. She's well-connected in the media world and is the daughter of Mao Zedong's English teacher and translator Zhang Hanzhi. [posts]

Yin Lichuan (尹丽川) is a poet, writer and film director. She is closely associated with the 'Lower Body Writing' movement that until recently occupied the literati of Beijing.

== Group Blogs and Aggregators ==

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Great post, nice blogs. Well, as long as we are on the blog topic, interesting development today, it appears Radio Australia has set up a Chinese blog on Sina : https://blog.sina.com.cn/rachinese . Well i guess that's first time an International broadcaster has established a Chinese blog on China's network!

very useful. thanks!

you should check out "theforeignexpert.com." it's relatively new, about four to six months' old, but has lots of varied and interesting articles, interviews and video and music, and it provides translations of hard to find chinese language interviews. it's been cited twice recently in the wall street journal

Good.I also often surf those websites.
I remember that izaobao could be subscribed by mobilephone for a time but i dont know why now i cant receive any more and the subscribing page is not found;.

The subscription links are in the right-hand sidebar of the izaobao site, David Wang. The mobile phone subscription is here.

Thanks for the list of things to watch, slowboat. We'll see what the Chinese media has to say about the Paralympics.

I've seen a few people making use of the yellow paths, Fons, so they're probably not entirely a fat contract for some policy-maker's cousin who runs the yellow tile factory. But they might make the city look more inviting to the blind than it really is. A Modern Lei Feng frequently posts about accessibility issues and has mentioned these paths and other issues related to the blind, like the city's stance on guide dogs (in short: not really encouraged).

sadly, several of the blogs have been shut down and have to be reopened elsewhere! happy niu year !!!

really cute icon! hilarious!

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