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"Danwei gives a range of sources, news and opinions on China that no mainstream news organisation can match"
— John Lanchester in The London Review of Books

"Try chinadigitaltimes.net and danwei.org as a first "open sesame"."
— Timothy Garton Ash in The Guardian

"Jeremy Goldkorn, the South African emigre now cited as one of
China’s most prolific and powerful social media commentators."
— David McNeill in Public Affairs magazine

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ABC (Australia)
· Viral video highlights Chinese satire (transcript)
· Pop idol a dilemma for Chinese literary scene

Adage China
· TV contest shows too popular
· Rolling Stone stalled after first issue

· China restricts news, discussion of Egypt unrest
· New technology triggers battle for information from Tibet

American Chamber of Commerce website
· China Brief Insight podcast

AOL News
· Porn Star Prompts Chinese to Jump 'Great Firewall'

· China, other authoritarian regimes restricting reporting on protests
· Leeway seen in China Internet rules

Asia Sentinel
· Hong Kong tycoon's media venture in trouble
· Looking for Love

Associated Press
· Upstart challenges Chinese state TV New Year show

The Australian
· Suddenly famous

BBC News
· China: Shaking the World (MP3 download)
· China cracks down on protest news

Beijing Today
· Laowai blogger promotes Chinese perspective
· New Film Projects Positive Image of Africans

Blue Ocean Network
· Faceblocked

· China Confusing ‘Google Geeks’ Helps Reinforce Great Firewall
· Rolling Stone: A hit in China?

California Magazine
· Behind The Great Firewall

CBS News
· 5th China School Attack Leaves 5 Kids Injured

Channel News Asia
· Online debate between Chinese and foreign media over Tibet issue

The China Beat
· Q-and-A with Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei.org
· Coming Distractions: China Watcher

China Britain Business Review
· Beijing's Towering Ambitions

China Daily
· Chinese 'facebook' friends hooked on games
· Full speed ahead seen for news on the go
· Surfing for the naked truth
· US testing new system to bypass web filters
· BT sites inaccessible, netizens distressed

China International Business
· China in the new decade

China Radio International
· The Power of Weibo
· China's 80's Generation
· Blogging in China
· China Bookworm 2010 Literary Festival

The Christian Science Monitor
· Chinese first: Tiananmen Square mentioned in official newspaper

· An interview with Jeremy Goldkorn

· China's Latest Internet Crackdown

· Trial of police official's son turns cause célèbre
· Celebrity Chinese blogger's magazine folds
· Chinese dissident awarded Nobel Peace Prize
· Chinese leaders invite citizens into their 'home' to vent
· Can Chinese media rule the airwaves?
· Han Han: China's rebel blogger
· Life without Google in China
· Google-China move hurts businesses, academics
· China partners to Google: Decide now
· Film festival hacked
· Technology vs. tyranny
· Death pits technology against Chinese control
· 'Sexy Beijing' charts capital's life
· Google relaxes self-censorship in China
· Google VS. China

Daily Telegraph
· Google to China: you in the global world, or out?
· China accuses Google of breaking the law

The Economic Times
· China's Internet to suffer without Google

· Making a blog pay
· Jeremy Goldkorn of Standards Group

Fast Company
· Youtube = Youku? Websites and Their Chinese Equivalents
· Chinese TV host Yang Lan stays true to self to build empire

The Financial Times
· China: The jailed salesman

· Google license issue seized by China to make political statement
· News Corp may be re-evaluating its China strategy - analyst
· China To Netizens: Shut Up

Foreign Policy
· China's Top Muckrakers Stop Digging
· China blocks IMDB

Global Finance
· Local Knowledge, Global Sense

Global Times
· They shoot, they score
· Great Firewall blocks Danwei.org

The Guardian
· China and the cult of 'celebrity' advertising
· Behind the Great Firewall
· Banned by Beijing - but Rolling Stone gathers no kudos
· China lifts ban on Tiananmen sites
· China targets Google in pornography crackdown
· Chinese websites mark Tiananmen Square anniversary with veiled protest
· Sarah Palin returns to the podium in Hong Kong
· Playing the wall game in China
· China: Propaganda struggles could intensify
· Google's challenge to China: the reaction

The Hollywood Reporter
· Road to Beijing: On shaky ground

The Independent
· Rise of the blog prompts China self-censor pledge
· Scandalized Chinese hunting for blogger

· China mourning limits entertainment web sites
· China drops real-name blogger plan
· Hearts Turn to Rainbows in Quake's Wake
· English Wikipedia unblocked in China

Knowledge at Wharton
· Google's License Renewal in China: Victory, Defeat or Stalemate?

London Review of Books
· Short Cuts

Los Angeles Times
· Chinese censors take notice of Twitter-style blogs
· Murdoch accused of meddling (via Syndey Morning Herald)
· Amid the tragedy lies opportunity
· China's CCTV network gets little sympathy after hotel fire
· China battens down hatches as Tiananmen anniversary nears

Mail & Guardian
· Media in a straitjacket

· In China, a New Year's cartoon tests boundaries of free speech

· Google appears to drop censorship in China
· China wants censorship software on all computers
· Reporters struggle to scale China's 'Great Firewall'
· China lives through 'year of extremes'

New Scientist
· Stabbed in translation

· Blogger in the spotlight - Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei

· Young expatriates in Beijing

New York Review of Magazines
· The Herring came first, but China has just hatched an Egg

The New York Times
· China Seeks to Step Up Monitoring of Communications
· China to Scan Text Messages to Spot ‘Unhealthy Content’

NPR / On The Media
· Online China
· See It My Way
· Journalism With Chinese Characteristics
· Unfinished Business
· Tear Down that Firewall

· The struggle to control information
· China Appears to Tighten Internet Access Around Tiananmen Anniversary

PC World
· What Gmail Hack? China Spins News of Google Threat
· Chinese Censorship Strong Despite Google

Radio Australia tech-stream
· Jeremy Goldkorn on the twentieth Tiananmen anniversary

Rebecca MacKinnon
· Blogs and China correspondence - survey results

San Jose Mercury News
· Web firms face brutal competition in China
· UC Santa Cruz grad probes the love lives of Chinese
· Shadow over China's boom
· Americans in China: Valley expatriates take risk on fast-growing economy

Sci-Tech Today
· In China, a Battle Is Waged Over Web Censorship

Scoop New Zealand
· China netizens and the milk powder scandal

South China Morning Post
· Now it's Sinhua, the state-run lads' mag

Sydney Morning Herald
· China activists plan whistleblower site to spur reform
· Power struggle in a content vacuum

The Standard
· Playboys of the Eastern World

Sydney Morning Herald
· Internet gives Chinese a platform 'but regime wary'

· Egypt Wave Barely Causes a Ripple in China
· The China-India Rivalry: Watching the Border

The Times
· China jails corrupt government official Zhou Jiugeng
· Sex and the Chinese city
· China blocks YouTube, Yahoo! over Tibet
· Facebook eyes China, but challenges loom
· Chinese censors cut off Twitter, Hotmail and Flickr
· Google defies Chinese censors after cyberattacks on Gmail accounts of activists

Today Online
· China slams Google's bid to defy censors

USA Today
· Chinese use Internet to show their political dissent
· Problems creep out past official front in China
· Cracking the 'Great Firewall' of China's Web censorship
· China's Net Users Take Aim Online
· Microblogging spreads in China, even without Twitter

· China Blocks Some Internet Reports on Egypt Protests
· Chinese Media Puts Shine on Hu's US Visit
· Chinese Web Forum Asks 'Netizens' to Speak Up, but Not Too Loudly

The Wall Street Journal
· Google Is Near Closing Its China Site, Google Is Poised to Close China Site
· China’s Great Firewall: On, Off and On Again
· Cellphone Ads Are Easier Pitch in China
· Beijing Eases Ban on Wikipedia; Chinese-Language Filter Remains
· Tired of Laughter, Beijing Gets Rid Of Bad Translations

The Washington Post
· Google applies to keep Chinese license, but censorship stalemate remains
· Chinese Internet search firm Baidu looks forward to life after Google
· Google threatens to log off from China over hacking attempts
· China's Google dilemma: Soften on censorship or anger millions of Internet users

The World (PRI)
· China shocks with Princess Diana lookalike ad

Yahoo / AFP
· Google flap shows challenges of China market

· China encryption rule: Little impact on foreign firms
· Green Dam enforcement watered down

Chinese Language

21st Century Economic Herald 21世纪经济报道
· SNS营销:美丽又凶险

Antiwave podcast 反波
· 拷问金玉米

The Beijing News 新京报
· 摘安全帽从“单位”到“丹位
· “性感”单位
· 阿姨,坐班车后边去 (Ayi, get to the back of the bus)

· 给你介绍个“单位 (Introducing a 'Danwei')

China.com 中国网
· 美联社:中国,山寨春晚挑战央视春晚

China Youth Daily 中国青年报
· 瞧这个混在北京的南非人 html, PDF (in Chinese)

City Pictorial 城市画报
· 迷失北京 (PDF in Chinese)

The Economic Observer 经济观察报
· 金玉米和他的"单位" (PDF in Chinese)

Hudong.com 互动百科
· 金玉米

Knowledge Wharton
· 谷歌中国新动态:胜利、失败还是僵局?

Life Magazine (生活)
· 金玉米:情况正在起变化 (PDF in Chinese)

· 金玉米:我的单位是北京 (PDF in Chinese)

Modern Weekly 周末画报
· 单位给我一个铁饭碗 (PDF in Chinese)

New Weekly 新周刊
· 金玉米-戴安全帽办网站(PDF in Chinese)

Netease 网易
· 单位电视金玉米:我是流氓我怕谁

People's Daily Media Today 今日传媒
· 从Bridge Blog 看互联网时代全球传播主体的改变

Phoenix TV 凤凰卫视
· 网络舆论

Soho Xiaobao SOHO小报
· 中国软势力

Southern People Weekly 南方人物周刊
· 金玉米在北京没有“单位”

Southern Weekly 南方周末
· "你是一座桥吗?"
· "进两步,退一步?2008年中国互联网回顾"

Youth Weekend 青年周末
· 奥巴马访华 Web2.0外交

Other Languages

Courrier International
· L'Afrique fait le jeu à Pékin

Deutschlandradio Kultur
· MySpace auf Chinesisch

· Made in Africa — Il più grande successo dei giocatori dell'Afrika United è stato farsi accettare dai cinesi

Israel Blog
· אינטרנט בסין

· Le web chinois, un énorme intranet ?

· Zai China
Jeremy Goldkorn: “La brecha entre las presentaciones de China en inglés y la realidad de la vida en este país parecía casi criminal”

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